Frequently Asked Questions

A public adjuster is an insurance claims settlement expert who work in a fiduciary role with the policy holders. They are professionals at policy interpretation, damage assessment and claims negotiations.

If you have suffered a claims related loss, you will always benefit from the services of a public adjuster. In our experience less than 1% of claims are settled fairly when adjusted by the policyholder, registered agents, Association Managers and/or insurance retained adjusters.

As soon as you can. Often times the services of a public adjuster are retained after a claim has encountered a dispute. Retaining a public adjuster at the onset or filing of a claim will result in a much quicker and less stressful settlement of the claim.

No. Insurance agents understand selling insurance policies. We have never met one that has experience adjusting claims, additionally many agents are compensated when their clients DO NOT file claims, which has many times resulted in agents giving inaccurate or counterfactual advise to their policyholders. You may love your agent, but just remember to ask yourself, “Who does he work for?”

A recent study completed by the Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability (OPPAGA) on claims settled in Hurricane Karina with vs. without a public adjuster showed that claims settled by a professional public insurance adjuster averaged a 747% higher settlement amount.

The claim settlement process varies greatly from claim to claim, and the time of claim settlement will also. All claims are different and consist of many moving parts from the insurance company’s criteria and procedures for claim handling, to the personality of the adjusters, the complexity and severity of the loss and many other factors. Knowing these dynamics and having the necessary experience to strategically navigate this process and arrive at a speedy and accurate settlement of the claim is the goal of Adjusting Denver.

Fees will range from 10%-20% depending on the details of the claim. We work strictly on contingency, so you only pay for performance.

I would suggest utilizing our no obligation consultation, we can quickly evaluate the extent of the loss and whether it has been paid appropriately.

No. In 99.9% of claims this is not a issue. The insurance company is required to immediately pay you once coverage for a claim has been afforded, so the acceptance of payments is inevitable. Unless a “release” has been signed, retaining a public adjuster is within your rights. The involvement of a release is a very unusual and rare instance and usually would involve attorneys.